Sometimes the universe does little things for you to see if you’re paying attention. They are messages that should cause us to sit up and pay attention to our lives and what’s going on at any particular moment in time.

These little (shocking pink) beauties came up this spring in a plant pot that I’d abandoned last fall. I’ve been enjoying the blooms all summer. So pretty. Hope you enjoy them too.

Shocking pink petunia

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Pink represents unconditional love, compassion, and nurturing. It is also a sign of hope. Since I lost both my parents last year, I think the universe wants me to know that I’m still loved and cared for and that I can still hope for a wonderful future. How cool is that!

Posted for #colour_collective‘s weekly challenge. This week’s challenge was “shocking pink.” Any theme, any medium, anybody.

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Enjoy the simple things in life with all your senses: sipping coffee on the deck, watching the loons on the lake, listening to the chatter of songbirds, smelling the freshly mown grass, and holding the hand of your special someone.



Meditation: Don’t just sit there

Do you meditate? Do your meditation practices involve only sitting? MeditationSitting

Did you know there are other kinds of meditation that are extremely beneficial?

The key to all types of meditation is mindfulness. Thoughts are going to ramble through your mind. Let them. Acknowledge each one and then let it go. Breath naturally, slow and steady. Feel the air enter and leave your body ─ from your belly to your nose or, if you can, from the tips of your toes to your nose. Continue reading

When is the right time to simplify your life?

Sadly, in my opinion and based on personal experience, people don’t consider minimizing, or simplifying, their lives until later in life. Sometimes, it’s in the forties, but more often it’s in the fifties and sixties.


When we’re young, we have the motivation and ambition to work hard. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s something we must do. But, we choose to reap the rewards by spending our hard-earned money. Continue reading

Find joy…


© caerlynnart

This isn’t just another casualty of autumn. Last winter as I walked the trails with my camera, shooting new-fallen snow, barren trees, cerulean sky, and blue shadows, I spied this little leaf lying forlornly on the snow. I imagined that he was one of the last hanger-on and finally let go in the breeze on that cold January day. He wanted me to take his picture for posterity before he gave in to the next snow that would surely blanket him. There he’d hibernate until spring and then dissolve into the earth creating food for trees, old and new, and more leaves that would become part of yet another a beautiful, colorful landscape. He would perform tiny, but essential, role before succumbing to the eternal cycle of life that is Mother Nature.