Find joy…


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This isn’t just another casualty of autumn. Last winter as I walked the trails with my camera, shooting new-fallen snow, barren trees, cerulean sky, and blue shadows, I spied this little leaf lying forlornly on the snow. I imagined that he was one of the last hanger-on and finally let go in the breeze on that cold January day. He wanted me to take his picture for posterity before he gave in to the next snow that would surely blanket him. There he’d hibernate until spring and then dissolve into the earth creating food for trees, old and new, and more leaves that would become part of yet another a beautiful, colorful landscape. He would perform tiny, but essential, role before succumbing to the eternal cycle of life that is Mother Nature.


When will you be happy?



Many of us think that when we get the great job, we’ll be happy. When we get married to Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful and have kids, we’ll be happy. When we get the beautiful blue SUV with leather seats, we’ll be happy. When we can build our four-bedroom dream home on the ocean, we’ll be happy. When we travel to some exotic locale, we’ll be happy. Happiness is always an elusive something that will happen one day, if we keep going straight ahead.

The trouble is, Continue reading

How much money do you need?



Now that I’ve retired and my lifestyle is changing and becoming simpler while other are still running the daily race, I often find myself asking how much money does a person need? Young people, especially, are under constant, often severe stress, to achieve, to have “stuff,” to feed the consumerism beast that pervades every aspect of our lives both online and off. No longer does it seem “the norm” to want to keep up with the Jones’, Continue reading