When will you be happy?


Courtesy Pixabay.com

Many of us think that when we get the great job, we’ll be happy. When we get married to Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful and have kids, we’ll be happy. When we get the beautiful blue SUV with leather seats, we’ll be happy. When we can build our four-bedroom dream home on the ocean, we’ll be happy. When we travel to some exotic locale, we’ll be happy. Happiness is always an elusive something that will happen one day, if we keep going straight ahead.

The trouble is, we’re always looking to the future for our happiness instead of looking at this moment. What’s wrong with being happy now? Getting all the nice things is… well… nice, but will having it all, really make you happy?

Be happy now. Live in this moment.

We should learn to be grateful for what we have, right now, in this moment. We should be happy with what we have instead of always wanting more. Telling ourselves that we’ll be happy when such and such happens, is just a pointless dream. Life is too short to live in the future. What happens if you get sick next week or hit by a bus next year or you get some debilitating disease in five or 10 years. What about the time in between? Make the most of the time you have and be grateful for what you have. There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and striving for personal improvement, but wanting and focusing on what will be, will never make you happy now.

Be mindful of the moments you spend with family at the dinner table, bathing your child before bed, walking in the park after supper, enjoying a movie with your significant other. All these special little moments are the moments that make up our lives. Live them now. Enjoy them now. Make them now.

These are the moments! Don’t waste them.



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