Simple moments: Backyard bird watching


© caerlynnart

Kerry feeds the birds. Yeah, they make a mess around her deck and lawn, but those quiet moments when she just sits and watches as they flit around, cracking seeds sending shells across the lawn, and fluttering back and forth between the feeder and the maple tree, are what makes her life wonderful.

It’s almost meditational. She quietly appreciates their range of colors, how they change from season to season, and their delicacy. Tiny little bodies that are adapted to be strong enough to survive the most brutal snow storms in winter.

She is always amazed at the way they fluff their feathers, chase each other, or scatter off at the slightest sound. But they always come back. One by one until a flock is gathered again in the tree.

Kerry finds beauty and fascination in nature from even the most tiny creatures and special quiet moments of joy.

They say that the universe speaks to us if we only listen. Watching birds teaches Kelly much and allows her to appreciate what Mother Nature gives her at any given season or moment.

What special moments of nature do you enjoy?



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