When is the right time to simplify your life?

Sadly, in my opinion and based on personal experience, people don’t consider minimizing, or simplifying, their lives until later in life. Sometimes, it’s in the forties, but more often it’s in the fifties and sixties.


When we’re young, we have the motivation and ambition to work hard. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s something we must do. But, we choose to reap the rewards by spending our hard-earned money.

We want a nice house in a nice neighborhood. We want a nice car — usually two nice cars. We want the cool entertainment system. We want to fly off to the Caribbean every year. We want nice clothes and typically all the brand names. We want our kids to go to the best schools and to be in the best sports or arts or extra-curricular programs.

We want, want, want, quite often not thinking instead about needs, practicality, and the future. Too often we don’t think about the latter part of our lives that should be stress free, happy, loving, and adventurous.

Two simple questions to help you think about simplifying your life.

It’s never to young to start thinking about simplifying your life. One key to keeping life simple is to ask yourself two simple questions when you’re about to buy that lovely item calling your name from the store shelf: “Do I want this or do I need this?” and “Can it wait?”

Quite often, if it’s a want, wait a week a month, or longer to see if the desire passes. If it’s a need, something that adds value to your life, then go ahead and purchase it.

If you didn’t spend all that hard earned money in your twenties and thirties (and forties), imagine this. You retire at 50 (maybe even earlier) with, hopefully, your health still good. You didn’t make big corporations rich; instead you made your life comfortable and, if you’re lucky, perhaps even reasonably wealthy. You waited for the rewards instead of chasing after instant gratification.

CountryHomeYou can travel. You find the perfect little home that you always dreamed of. You can spend your hard-earned money on hobbies and things you couldn’t do when you were so busy working and raising your kids and chasing “the dream.” You’re happier because you didn’t spend twenty or thirty years stressed out over money and keeping up with the Jones’, or worse, being the Jones’.

It usually isn’t until we reach 50 or 60 that we begin to realize that all those things we just had to have were just things. Now that the kids are grown or maybe you have grand kids you realize that the important things in life are not things, they’re family, friends, love, good health, a sense of personal satisfaction, and happiness.

When will you choose to simplify and live your happiest life?

~~~ YinYang ~~~

Images in this post are courtesy Pixabay.com.



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