About PQ?

Call me Caerlynn

Caerlynn is my pen name, and I’m the owner and author of this site!

The word Caerlynn, however, is a place—my home, my studio, and for me a state of mind. Caerlynn is my happy place.

The name comes from the two Welsh words: Caer meaning castle, stronghold, or fort/fortress and Lynn (my middle name), and its variations, meaning pond or lake.

And, yes, my studio, though not exactly a fortress or stronghold, is in my castle—my little cottage home, my little piece of paradise—that overlooks a lake.

My maternal ancestors were Welsh. Visiting Wales is on my bucket list.

Find your joy from within

I want the articles here to be part of a journey that we take together. As the name decrees, this site are about the quest for pleasure; that is, the joy of every day life, appreciating the little things all around us, living with less, and being your most authentic self. I want this site to become a treasure chest of information and eye candy that adds value to our life quest and brings us pleasure in the writing and the reading.

It’s about minimalism. Not the extreme kind that requires me to live in tiny space with minimal things.

It’s about mindfulness which, I like to think, means taking time to enjoy the little things and the little moments that we often take for granted but that make up our lives.

It’s about finding joy in all my hobbies and interests that I hope to share with you here:

  • art
  • crafts
  • photography
  • poetry
  • writing
  • cooking/baking/real food
  • music
  • minimalism
  • mindfulness
  • nature
  • creativity
  • inspiration

So, stay with me (aka follow me) and there’s a pretty good chance I’ll follow you back.  I welcome your comments too, so don’t be shy about giving me feedback and discussing ideas presented here.

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